block Recent items on index

Extra items for the Shop. License is Proprietary.

💶 A small fee is charged for download.

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block Recent items on index

Post by eunaumtenhoid »

very good an idea Recent items in the index, a, but a question do you think it is possible to have something like that, but as a block for board3portal or blockgets?

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block Recent items on index

Post by 3Di »

Board3 portal requires more PHP and a module per se, we don’t have custom request for it yet.

The other ext you mentioned I don’t know of it.

Basically into an html block of a sidebar you can put this code if the extension is installed.

	<div class="aps-col s12 m6">
		{% include '@phpbbstudio_assrecentitems/main.html' %}
{% endif %}

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