Ideas for some future features

🆓 Fully integrated 💶Points System for phpBB. Set up point values on a global or per-forum basis. All major native actions are available. User, Moderator and Administrator permissions. Fully extendable by other extensions. And more…

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Ideas for some future features

Post by pitr »

Hi guys, first of all I would like to say that the work you’ve done so far is quite impressive. I’ve been using APS for quite a while now, and I’ve not noticed any critical bugs.

There is just one thing I have came across whilest using the APS which seems to be quite a problem. The APS missing some feature to filter out spam posts (not rewarding users with points for posting spam posts). After introducing APS to users on our forum, some of them started abusing the system by posting tons of very short posts with no true content, just to earn some points in the APS. This would be probably solved by some new functionality for specifying the minimum length of the topic and post in the means of word count to qualify those topics and posts for the point reward.

Would it be possible to introduce such thing in some of the next releases of the APS?

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Ideas for some future features

Post by Goldy »


Thank you for your kind words and your input, it is greatly appreciated!

While we are aware of the fact that receiving points for something might always attract ‘unwanted’ attention, we put it in the “Just properly moderate it”-corner. As there never will be a ‘catch-all’ solution for it.

Having said that, I do like your proposal and think it is very elegant and clean in it’s simplicity.
This will still allow ‘unwanted attention’, however there is atleast some ‘automated moderation’ going on for it.

We will have a look and see if we can implement it.

Once again: Thanks! :star_struck:

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