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If you ever had to leave a note or comment in your post, now the possibility exists.
This comment will only show up when editing your post and will not be displayed when viewing the topic.
Useful for storing small todo lists or even communicating with moderators.


css3 This BBCode has no inline style!



pencil BBCode usage

[comment #ignoreSurroundingWhitespace=true]{SIMPLETEXT}[/comment]


html5 HTML replacement

<!-- {SIMPLETEXT} -->


question Help line

Comment: [comment]Text[/comment]



angle-double-right #ignoreSurroundingWhitepsace: This ensures that it does not take up any space when rendering.
angle-double-right SIMPLETEXT: This is for security reasons, otherwise users can break out of the HTML comment syntax and insert their own code.


sticky-noteNo actual content is shown here, just the BBCode usage.

[comment]This is a comment, only visible when editing[/comment]


[comment]Todo: Clean up BBCodes and insert sources[/comment]