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Ever wished that your links inside posts would match your style just a bit more?
Or that a title or header would stand out a bit more?
Well, why not make them match the buttons found through out your board!?
Using this BBCode will make your headers and links integrate into your style that much more!


css3 This BBCode has no inline style!


You may want to use also kb/bbcodes/icon



pencil BBCode usage

[button={CHOICE=1,2;optional} url={URL;optional} #disableAutoLineBreaks=true #preventLineBreaks=true #trimFirstLine=true]{TEXT}[/button]


html5 HTML replacement

	<xsl:when test="@url">
		<a class="button{@button}" href="{@url}"><xsl:apply-templates/></a>
		<span class="button"><xsl:apply-templates/></span>


question Help line

Button: [button=1|2|none url=http://www.example.com]The button text[/button]



angle-double-right CHOICE=1,2: Allows to specify the button class, either one of 1 or 2. Note, this only affects buttons that have a url= specified!
angle-double-right ;optional: Makes this argument is optional, meaning it can be omitted.

angle-double-right URL: Allows to add an URL, which scheme is automatically checked.
angle-double-right ;optional: Makes this argument is optional, meaning it can be omitted.

#disableAutoLineBreaks=true #preventLineBreaks=true #trimFirstLine=true
angle-double-right #disableAutoLineBreaks=true: Turns off the conversion of new lines into line breaks.
angle-double-right #preventLineBreaks=true: Prevent manual line breaks in the button’s text.
angle-double-right #trimFirstLine=true: Removes the first character inside the BBCode if it’s a newline.


[button]This is a button[/button]
[button][icon]pencil[/icon] Pencil[/button]

This is a button
pencil Pencil

[button url=https://www.phpbbstudio.com][icon]home[/icon] phpBB Studio[/button]
[button=1 url=https://www.phpbbstudio.com]phpBB Studio[/button]
[button=2 url=https://www.phpbbstudio.com]phpBB Studio[/button]

home phpBB Studio
phpBB Studio
phpBB Studio