VIP - OAuth2 full

phpBB Studio - OAuth2 Full

Options (ACP User Registration Settings - On/Off)

  • Limit registration through only:
    Restrict registration to only be allowed through OAuth2 provider.

  • Allow separate accounts per region:
    This will allow users to create a different account for each of the regions (4).

  • Set BattleTag as username:
    This will set the username to the user’s BattleTag returned by the OAuth2 provider.

  • Set BattleTag as fixed username:
    This will prevent users from altering their BattleTag (username) upon registration.

  • Strip username of identifier:
    This will remove the pound and number (#123) from the end of the BattleTag when setting the username.

  • Append region to username:
    This will append the region (APAC, CN, EU, US) to the username.

  • Append region string format:
    This will determine with what format the region is appended to the username.
    Must be between 2 and 6 characters and contain a placeholder:
     %s for  lowercase region, for example: eu
     %S for uppercase region, for example: EU

Options (ACP User Profile)
Unlink all Battlenet’s Oauths at once on a per user basis.

Buttons got a custom CSS file for you to improve or change at will.


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