Highlight Posts

The go-to extension for educational boards but not only. :geek:
Highlight posts lets you ‘highlight’ a post, making it stand out from the rest.
Posts that truly embrace the topic at hand deserve a pat on the e-back.
Highlighting these posts makes it clear to students that this post is on point and exemplary .. or may be not!
With the additional highlight text you provide it becomes an even more complete package.

Tracking students ‘attendance’ on a forum was always hard, until now.
Highlight posts also includes a very useful ‘marking’ function, where students can mark a post as read.
This way you can check who read which post and put some time and effort into the board.

Of course, everything is fully customisable to your own preferences via a sexy ACP. :P
Settings, permissions, per forum and per group/user, even highlight’s colours on a per style-basis.
PMs/Notifications are implemented as well and highly customizable.

Extension details