Excel attachments embed

Excel attachments embed

  • Autoembeds your EXCEL attachments (.xls or .xlsx) with Microsoft’s Online Apps
  • Saves a copy of your EXCEL attachment in the "images/excel" folder automatically created on purpose.
  • The embedded EXCEL can be view full-screen on a separated tab/window with a click.
  • Once disabled your EXCEL attachments come back to the native behaviour.
  • Works with HTTP and HTTPS.


Copy the extension to phpBB/ext/phpbbstudio/excel

Go to "ACP" > "Customise" > "Extensions" and enable the
"phpBB Studio - Excel attachments embed" extension.


There is one User permission which is unset which allow the user to view the bottom bar (bypass ACP setting).

ACP settings

There is one configurations in ACP > Posting > Post settings

Show the bottom bar:

Whether or not we want the bottom bar to be shown, it allows the user to full view the workbook into an external page.

That means the user could download it etc. Ofcourse the link can be seen using an inspector tool, still, since we use CSS to hide it. Default to No.

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