Audio Player Playlist

  • Playlists as CSV or TXT attachments
    • GFX visualizer - overlaps the bottom of the cover image
    • Progress bar with progression time and duration.
    • Volume slider (0 to 100)
    • Actions:
    • - Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Previous, Forward and Backward (20 sec. step), toggle visualizer, toggle mute, toggle repeat track.
    • Automatic loop on play, the player loads stopped.
    • Player is visible only in the first post of the topics.
    • Player is not quotable nor preview-able.
    • Only playlists with our custom header will be embedded.
    • Normal csv are still normal attachments.
    • Multiple playlists in the same topic will be merged automatically into the player.
    • Permissions are those native of phpBB about attachments.
    • Playlist collapsible

Extension details