Long, long ago in an empire long fallen, the Greek gods were believed to have their seat on Mount Olympus. The twelve Olympian gods had their home on the tallest peak. The ancient Greeks tried to climb Mt. Olympus on many occasions, but never truly succeeded to get to the highest peak.

In this modern era, a new Mount Olympus has risen. This mountain however, is a giant pyramid of code better known as phpBB3, developed by phpBB Limited. And we too will endeavor onto this mountain, but unlike the old Greeks, we will succeed to reach the top and take our seat on the throne of the gods!

We — the residents of the Studio — are recognised extension developers. Both of us have been or are a part of phpBB as MOD Team member or extension validator. Aside from the fact that this gives reliability and security for you to work with, it ensures that we are always on top of “the latest” with extension developing and phpBB itself. Apart from just developing extensions, we also actively contribute to phpBB's core code. Adding features, fixing issues but also adding new ‘events’ so our extensions are covering all possibilities and/or function properly.

Having developed extensions over a period of multiple years, we are very experienced. In that time we have familiarised ourselves with various coding languages, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and the Symfony framework. Because of this everything is within our reach and all possible requests can be made reality.